Friday, March 29, 2013

"The most popular language tools online": A good read

Since we are living in a world that is widely culturally diverse, the importance of learning other languages has increased tenfold. This is the main reason that it is so important that we all know at least one other language than our own native tongue. Having said that, if you want to learn another language for whatever reason, there are a large variety of language tools online to put you on the path to becoming fluent in the language of your choice.
Radio Lingua Network

The Radio Lingua Network give you free podcasts with which you can use for language comprehension skills. They offer teaching for over 20 different languages and each episode goes from just a few minutes all the way up to five minutes. They are kept short so that you can take in what you have just learned before moving forward with more information. For more information on this language tool go to

This free web software is perfect for practicing the vocabulary of the language you are learning and there is no actual effort involved in doing so. The software is quite unique in that it works by having flash card windows pop up at specific times on the desktop of your computer. At this time you either decide to study it or leave it be for later. When you do not click on it, it will eventually disappear. You can find out more about Popling at
Open Culture
This is one of my personal favorites! Open Culture if a free website that has podcasts for 37 languages. They cover almost any language you wish to learn from Yiddish to Arabic. The best part is that this language tool is fantastic for people at all levels of language study; beginners and intermediates. If this sounds interesting to you, go to
Digital Dialects
This online language tool give you an interactive learning experience for free. It contains language games in 58 languages that allow you to practice with new beginning phrases. It also introduces you to the vocabulary to help increase your language knowledge. The website is regularly undated so there is always new materials to work with. For more info on this site go to

Lang-8 is an awesome site that encourages you to practice the writing skills of the language you are learning. This is done by writing in the language that they are learning. You get writing assignments and when you complete them you can send them to a native speaker for corrections and feedback. There is also a community for exchanging where you get to read over that others have done in your native language so you can do corrections and give feedback. For more information on this, go to
These are just a few of many online language tools in my list. Others, are,LingroBabbelTranslation2SharedTalkTransparent and many more.

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