Thursday, March 7, 2013

"What makes great teachers great?"

Yes, what makes them great? It's a question the answer to which everybody wants to know. It's also the topic of this talk on "TVO", which was recorded and broadcast on You Tube. You can watch the talk here: I am sure you will enjoy it.

The following quotes from the talk really impress me:

The key word is empathy; great teachers truly understand what make their students tick; they are confident enough to be themselves with their kids; the ability to be relaxed, to be self-assured; passionate about their students.

We can make great teachers; great teachers become great. They start with something - openess, flexibility, eagerness to make a difference.

It's not about control; it's not about overplanning; it's not about a delivery; it's about a truly interactive experience.

Learning is an intensely sensory experience. 

Watching and listening to the talk, do you see any connection between this talk and the article about humanistic language teaching that I posted on this blog a few days ago? It's about people, see, not techniques or test scores or facilities. Yes, a great teacher is one who makes students feel the joy of learning. And that's what is missing in Vietnam now. Is there anything we can do about this?
If you like the talk, perhaps you should consider watching these youtube broadcasts also:

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